Hard processing ... a hard nut to crack? Not if you have the right tools for the job ... like CemeCom HSN².

Cost-effective hard processing of tools with hardnesses above 50 HRC requires sound process knowledge. Machine tools, cutting tools, toolholders and the machining process have to complement one another perfectly.

Accurately constructed the coating material takes on particular significance in this complex process. The coating material can be deposited on solid carbide mills and inserts for hard cutting operations.

Colour: Reddish Purple-Brown; 
Microhardness Temperature (°C): 23,800; 
Maximum Application: 1,100; 
Coating Structure: Nanocomposite, 3 layer

Case Study

Application: 2FL, Ø4 mm Ballnose Endmill
Die Plate, D-2 Material Hardened to 60 HRC
Current Tool Life:
3 Machine Dry, 17hr tool life
     Feed - 80 mm/min
Failure Mode:
Surface finish below customer specifications
Niagara Tools HSN² Carbide Endmill
      Tool Life - 22.5 hrs
     Feed - 1200 mm/min
355% increase in tool life while maintaining a quality accepted surface finish

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