Niagara Hard Coating AdvantEdge

Niagara Tools offers high quality CemeCon Sputter PVD Coatings for a range of applications.

  • ALOX® SN²

    ALOX SN² is an ultra-modern supernitride, designed specifically for the maching of steel, cast-iron and high-strength alloys. It's remarkably high wear volume offers extraordinary adhesion, even with very thick coatings, making it an ideal choice for solid carbide drills and cutting inserts. Colour: Black Anthracite;  Microhardness Temperature (°C): 3,500;  Maximum Application: 1,100;  Coating Structu...
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  • Hyperlox®

    Hyperlox is ideal for processing difficult-to-machine materials on a daily basis. Created from 2nd generation AITiN supernitride, this innovative nanocomposite coating increases both tool performance and overall machining capacity. Colour: Black;  Microhardness Temperature (°C): 3,700;  Maximum Application: 1,100;  Coating Structure: Nanocomposite Case Study - 1 Application: 2FL, Ø2.5 mm Tape...
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  • SuperTin®

    SuperTin titanium nitride coating is a profitable option for the processing of steels with low and medium cutting speeds. Its single-layer coating structure increases tool life by 27% compared to uncoated tools. Colour: Gold;  Microhardness Temperature (°C): 2,300;  Maximum Application: 600;  Coating Structure: Monolayer Case Study Application: Powdered Metal Punch Part: Powdered Metal Beve...
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  • CC AluSpeed®

    The light grey coating material, CC AluSpeed, was especially developed for high-performance machining of aluminium and aluminium alloys. With its low affinity to aluminium, AluSpeed prevents the formation of built-up edges to a particularly large extent. The extremely smooth surface reduces friction on the face and makes machining easier. Accurately constructed, the high degree of hardness also guarantees excellent wear protection....
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  • HSN²

    Hard processing ... a hard nut to crack? Not if you have the right tools for the job ... like CemeCom HSN². Cost-effective hard processing of tools with hardnesses above 50 HRC requires sound process knowledge. Machine tools, cutting tools, toolholders and the machining process have to complement one another perfectly. Accurately constructed the coating material takes on particular significance in this complex process. The coating...
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