Get The CemeCon Hard Coating AdvantEdge

Guarantee extraordinary cutting tool performance with industry-leading CemeCon sputter PVD technology. With a wide selection of coating options that are cost effective in both large and small batches, you're guaranteed the most effective tool coating for every application.

The Sputter PVD Process AdvantEdge

  • Creates ultra-smooth, highly adhesive coatings
  • Reduces friction
  • Virtually eliminates residual stress
  • Prolongs the life of your tools
  • Increases heat resistance
  • Provides tougher coatings for today's extreme applications

Coating Solutions for High Performance Products

Trust Niagara Tools, Canada's premier coating facility, for:

  • Patented process of safely stripping all coatings from Carbide/HSS, that does not damage or affect the original material substrate
  • Consistent coating thickness in each distinctive process
  • Advanced custom cutting tool edge preparation
  • Longer tool life and quicker turn-around times, allowing for reduced tool inventories